Dynamite Republican Forms Genius Plan To Secure Border

The US-Mexico border is in crisis and the federal government is by no means coming to anybody’s rescue. In fact, Kamala Harris, the border point person, has criminally evaded her responsibility to fix what the current administration has broken. Instead of strengthening their approach to enforcement of immigration laws, Harris has identified the invisible monster of “climate change” as the “root cause” of mass migration from Central America and Mexico.

Meanwhile, the Vice President has yet to visit the scene of the crime and literally laughs off any criticism from reporters or Republicans when asked of her refusal to witness the surge herself.

Thankfully, the Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott, an avid supporter of Trump’s immigration policy, has vowed to take matters into his own hands and secure the border in his state.

Recently he teased a plan that would restart the construction of Trump’s massive border wall, but not until now did the public find out exactly what he had in mind.

According to the Governor, the state of Texas plans to solicit private donations from the public to recover the remaining costs of finishing Trump’s border wall. The state of Texas shares a 1,250 mile border with Mexico and, with the help of patriotic Americans, will ensure that stretch of land is safe and secure.

“For everybody in the United States, everybody in the entire world that wants to help Texas build the border wall, there will be a place on there where they can contribute to Texas building the border wall,” Republican Gov. Greg Abbott revealed.

The state will accept donations from anyone interested in border security through a website run by Abbott’s team. The remaining costs of the construction project will likely costs billions, a figure in line with estimations from the Trump administration. Gov. Abbott has not revealed how much he expects to bring in through the donation website, but has assured potential donors the funds will go exclusively toward border technology, including but not limited to, the wall, paved roads, and lighting. Specifics have yet to be announced, but Abbott has stressed the importance of keeping taxpayers off the hook for the remainder of the project.

Abbott declared last week that he would finish Trump’s border wall to prevent noncitizens and drug smugglers from illegally crossing from Mexico into Texas. The state has seen far more illegal crossings this year than Arizona, California, and New Mexico.

Since Biden took the helm, tens of thousands of illegal border crossers have been released into the country instead of being returned to Mexico or other countries of origin. Trump’s “Remain-in-Mexico” policy ensured just the opposite, but Biden made sure to destroy that initiative on day one.

Border officials have released illegals into the United States despite tourists in Mexico and Canada not being permitted to enter the U.S. since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

Border experts and former Homeland Security officials have warned Abbott potential challenges in building the wall, namely legal hurdles brought down by the federal government and acquiring privately owned land near the border area.

Author: Val Dohm