Enemy No. 1: CNN Openly Publishes Communist Propaganda

The establishment press knows their influence over the American people is dwindling by the day. Trust in the media has never been so low, and the executives at CNN, MSNBC, et al are struggling to gain support.

Over at CNN, their strategy is to appeal to Far-Left radicals by openly publishing anti-gun propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party.

On Monday morning, CNN published Chinese state propaganda which criticized overriding gun policies in the United States.

The CNN column began by describing a shooting that occurred in China, then quickly pivoted by expressing surprise that the shooting occurred in China rather than the United States.

They quoted Chinese social media users writing, “When my friend told me about the shooting, I thought it was the United States” and “Using a gun to kill people in China? Am I watching an American movie?”

The column then devolves into highlighting the different gun policies in China compared to the United States, noting that “China only records a few dozen gun crimes a year,” while gun crime in the United States is much higher.

The CNN column presents China and the United States as similar, describing both countries as having been “born from armed insurrection.” The column does not take time to explain that the insurrection that birthed the United States was carried out to free the people from an overbearing ruler while the insurrection creating China as we know it was intended to put a communist ruler over the people.

Instead, the CNN column talks of how the United States enshrined the right to keep and bear arms in its constitution while China took steps “prohibiting citizens from buying, selling or privately manufacturing guns.” CNN presents this as a contrast in approaches to “public safety.”

CNN claims, “China’s gun control policy is broadly popular among the public, which — like many in the international community — views US gun crime with bewilderment and horror.”

This brazen attempt to do the bidding of Communist China proves not only can the Mainstream Media not be trusted, but they must be regarded as a direct enemy of the American people.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth