Establishment GOP Trembling After Trump Takes Charge

The Republican Party better rethink their approach to former President Trump. 

According to a recent poll, the party would be a lot smaller, garnering a lot less support if Trump decided to break away and start his own party. 

USA Today polled Trump supporters recently and a majority (53.5%) of them said they feel more loyalty to the former president than they do to the party he commanded for the last four years. Only one third of those polled claimed loyalty to the Republican Party over Trump. 

Trump’s first term came to a dramatic end when the House Democrats decided to impeach the former President for the second time despite his status as a private citizen. Even before his Senate acquittal there was buzz in Washington that trump could form his own party, totally decimating the Republican establishment. A large portion of the respondents to the poll (46%) say they’d support Trump’s party over the GOP.

Trump’s continued influence over the Republican party remains evident. Of those polled, 75% he’d have their support in the Republican primary, and 85% said he’d receive their vote in the 2024 general election.

Trump has remained vague on whether a bid for the White House in 2024 is in the cards. Last week he said, “I won’t say yet, but the support we have is tremendous. The poll numbers I’m looking at are through the roof.” 

Trump is slated to make his triumphant return to the public eye this weekend during the annual CPAC event. 

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