Even Democrats Are Tired Of Kamala’s Failures

According to poll results released Monday, likely American voters have a overwhelmingly negative view of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Republican voters in particular question Kamala’s qualifications to become president.

Of GOP voters polled, only 25% believe Harris is has what it takes to be Commander-in-Chief, compared to 80% of Democrats and 36% of unaffiliated voters.

Overall, 51% of likely voters are not impressed with Harris, with 43% having a very unfavorable impression of the vice president.

Additionally, of the likely voters polled,  50% said Harris is not at all qualified to become president, including 41% who said lacks every qualification needed to lead.

The survey found that 46% of likely voters have a favorable impression of Harris, including 28% who have a very favorable view of her.

Female voters viewed Harris slightly more favorably at 48% compared to 44% of the men polled.

The vice president seemed to fair a little better with voters under 40 (64%), Black voters (62%) and wealthier voters earning more than $200,000 per year (54%).

She was viewed unfavorably by voters 65 and older (55%), white voters (42%) and a majority of middle-income voters.

Rasmussen said Harris’ ratings were lower than former Vice President Mike Pence’s numbers four years earlier.

In April 2017, 63% of voters said Pence was qualified to become president, including 86% of Republicans, 40% of Democrats and 65% of unaffiliated voters.

Biden tasked Harris to lead the effort to quell the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border. Since then, the vice president has been widely absent, saying little on the issue, nor visiting the border herself. Republicans have been highly critical of Harris for not witnessing the crisis on the border firsthand.

Author: Asa McCue