Even Trump Didn’t Expect Biden To Be This Bad

On Sunday, President Trump revealed the shock he’s been in since the Biden administration assumed power. 

The former president kicked off his CPAC speech with shock and horror over Joe Biden’s disastrous policies.  He told the crowed “we all knew” Joe Biden would be bad, but no one expected him to be this bad. 

He went on to identify and destroy the most egregious of Biden’s policies: namely immigration.  

“There is no better example of Joe Biden’s wickedness than what is happening right now on the Southern border,” Trump said, attacking Biden on his immigration policies.  

“We did such a good job, we did tremendous work. Now he wants it all to go to hell. We created the most secure border in U.S. history just six weeks ago when I left office. The wall was nearly completed, over 500 miles built, but they stopped it. Biden wants to destroy it,” Trump added. 

Trump lauded his administration’s tireless efforts to get the border wall financed despite constant push back from the other side of the aisle. 

“In just one short month we went from America First, to America last,” Trump added. 

Biden’s immigration policies will slowly destroy America as we know it. Trump’s recognizing of this harrowing fact proves not all hope is lost. 

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