Eye-Opening Video Exposes Blatant Twitter Hypocrisy

YURI CORTEZ/AFP via Getty Images

In recent weeks, we have witnessed unprecedented waves of social media censorship, including the permanent suspension of Donald Trump from Twitter. In a new video, The Daily Wire’s Cabot Phillips breaks down the partisan hypocrisy at the root of these actions, listing multiple Twitter accounts which — despite violating Twitter’s supposed guidelines against the incitement of violence — have not yet been banned.

The examples Phillips provides span multiple areas of society. First, various figures from some of the world’s worst regimes are described, such as Zabiullah Mujahid — a spokesman for the Taliban — Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro — despite running his country into the ground and killing or jailing anyone who stood in his way — and the account of the Chinese Embassy to the US — who routinely spread Chinese Communist Party propaganda on behalf of President Xi Jingping.

Then, there are political and cultural figures, including “Nation of Islam” head Louis Farrakhan — perhaps the most famous anti-semite in America today whose account is still active despite routinely comparing Jews to “termites” — and “comedian” turned wannabe political activist Kathy Griffin — most famous for her Tweet depicting Trump’s decapitated head.

The list also includes New York City Antifa’s account, which remains active despite their routine doxxing attempts, intimidation tactics, and celebration of violence.

Finally, a media outlet is also included, arguing that violence is an “important tool for protests.”

Watch the full video to see who else made the list:

Author: Ian Haworth

Source: Daily Wire: WATCH: New Video Exposes Twitter Hypocrisy, Lists Prominent Accounts That Have ‘Incited Violence’

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