Family Of Slain Jan 6 ‘Rioter’ Won’t Stop Until Justice Is Served

You may remember the lone capitol rioters who was fatally shot in the Capitol building on Jan 6. Well, she may finally be getting the justice she deserves. Her family has taken legal action again the Capitol Police to learn the name of the officer that killer her, and to receive footage of the fatal incident.

Ashlie Babbitt ran in with the mob of MAGA Americans that ‘stormed’ the Capitol during the counting of the votes for the Electoral College. She was an Air Force veteran and she was shot by a Capitol police office while trying to gain access to the Speaker’s Lobby in the Capitol House of Representatives building. She tried to gain access by climbing through a broken window.

Her Husband, Aaron Babbitt, filed a complaint last week to the Superior D.C Court, claiming that the Police Department did not comply with a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) he requested in mid-May. The CPD refused to provide the footage and materials requested and in fact, they didn’t respond at all.

The family lawyer says the reasons they are filing the lawsuit is to gain more information for the family about the shooting. This suit is separate from their other suit in which Babbitt is demanding more than $10 million in fees to cover the loss to their family.

The legal action claims that the CPD violated Ashli’s constitutional right when they used excess for to kill her. The claim also states that the offending officer did not receive any discipline, training or other supervision after the murder.

DOJ closed their investigation into Ashli’s death all the way back in April, stating that they are not pursuing criminal charges for the officer. They claim there is not enough evidence to warrant criminal prosecution.

DOJ claims that their investigation made it clear that the shooting officer felt he was doing something necessary and was doing it in self-defense and to protect the congressional members of the United States as well as many others that were fleeing from rioters. He filed a single shot at Babbitt, which fatally wounded her.

However, the family disagrees and thinks the shooting is obviously a case for excessive force. They won’t rest until they get justice.

Author: Marie Johnson