Fauci Continues To Dehumanize Unvaccinated Americans

As the holidays near, many are looking forward to spending the merry days with friends and family, especially since the country seems to be unfreezing after what seems to be years of lockdown.

The question of whether to celebrate with family was on everyone’s minds last year out of genuine concern of spreading COVID to loved ones.

But as data emerged, and it became apparent to anyone with two brain cells that the chances of perishing from this virus was slim-to-none (despite what the Fake News says), Americans made up their own minds about how to spend the holidays.

Since then, Mainstream Media liberals immediately turn to Fauci leading up to major events. Whether they be sporting events, national celebrations, or holidays, the hacks at CNN and MSNCB rush Fauci on so he can deliver his sage advice.

This year, however, no one gives a damn what Fauci says. We are celebrating the holidays with whoever we please regardless of vaccination status.

Dr. Fauci gave us his “medical” advice anyway…

On Sunday, Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor said that although the vaccinated “can enjoy the Holiday season,” the unvaccinated cannot.

“For groups that are vaccinated, we can enjoy the Holiday season,” Fauci said.

But he did not apply that advice to the unvaccinated.

“For those who are not vaccinated, not only will it be good for your own health and that of your family, it will make it much easier for you to enjoy the kinds of things in society at that you would like to enjoy anyway.”

In a separate interview, Fauci was asked his opinion on Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s opposition to mandatory vaccination.

Despite brimming with opinions on just about everything else, the little gnome remained mum on Abbott’s order ,saying:

“I’m not going to make anything about my personal opinion about any person in office like a governor other than to say from a public health standpoint, that is really unfortunate …”

And to top it off, Fauci is firmly behind vaccine mandates for all airline travelers.

Whatever this or that edict may be, Fauci’s end goal is totally apparent: to force Americans to subvert their freedoms for the greater good of “society” in an effort to “sanitize” the country of those who refuse to take government orders.

Fauci’s endless orders and mandates make it easier to identify Americans who refuse them. Once identified, those of us who don’t take orders from the government will be demonized, called “white supremacist domestic terrorists, and punished.

Author: Asa McCue