Fauci Doesn’t Want You To ‘Use His Name In Vain’

Fauci came out with another ridiculous statement today when he claimed that any attacks on him were a direct attack on science. Yep. How dare you insult Fauci? You’re obviously attacking all scientists.

TV Host, Chuck Todd, asked Fauci whether or he is concerned or not about media outlets or others that are discrediting him and other health ‘authorities.’ Fauci responded that all attacks on him are basically just assaults on science, because every single thing that’s spewed out of his mouth is apparently based in science. Yeah, right.

Fauci went on further to say that many of his statements are just ‘inconvenient truths’ for some people. And that any pushback he has received is not legitimate. As a public health official he is obviously immune from immorality. At least that’s what he acts like.

Oh, and THEN, he went on to say that any criticism against him is just assaulting truth. Anyone who disagrees with him is assaulting science and truth. Got it. I guess Fauci is the man to go to for knowledge on absolute truths. Forget God, find Fauci.

Thousands of emails between Fauci and other health officials were released recently after Buzzfeed requested an FOIA. Ever since then, Fauci’s credibility has been seriously put into question. Especially due to Fauci’s coverup and complete dismissal of the lab-leak theory which has since become more widely accept and likely.

Fauci continually pushed that the virus could not have leaked from the Wuhan lab and that it had to originate from bat. Which is simply untrue.

Fauci’s emails also proved his lies to everyone in America, stating that the U.S. never funded the Wuhan lab, which was later proven false.

Even more damning, was Fauci’s sudden reversal on masks. For months Fauci said masks would do nothing to stave off the coronavirus but admitted he only said that so medical professionals wouldn’t go without them, and to prevent a shortage. Now Fauci is trying to claim he never said masks were ineffective.

We could seriously go on for days about all the Fauci scandals, but the truth remains. Fauci is a liar who deliberately misled the American people. He is nothing more than a political pawn, and that’s all he ever will be.

Author: Lucy Lovitz