Federal Judge Puts Final Nail In Biden’s Medical Tyranny Coffin

It gives one hope that America is not completely lost in the abyss of far-left progressivism, ‘woke’ ideology, and unabashed medical tyranny as another federal judge made it impossible for Joe Biden to proceed with his national vaccine mandate.

A federal judge in Louisiana blocked Democrat Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for health care workers on Tuesday, issuing a nationwide injunction on Biden’s order.

Louisiana Western District U.S. Judge Terry Doughty’s decision follows an identical ruling Monday from Missouri U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp, but Schelp’s decision only covered 10 states.
Doughty ruled on the lawsuit led by Republican Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and joined by 13 other states, but Doughty added a nationwide injunction in his ruling.

“If the separation of powers meant anything to the Constitutional framers, it meant that the three necessary ingredients to deprive a person of liberty or property – the power to make rules, to enforce them, and to judge their violations – could never fall into the same hands,” Doughty wrote.

What a brilliant piece of writing. How far America has fallen that this judgement vis a vis forced medical treatment is considered partisan or even controversial.

“During a pandemic such as this one, it is even more important to safeguard the separation of powers set forth in our Constitution to avoid erosion of our liberties,” the Judge continued.

Doughty said that a nationwide injunction was needed because the CMS Mandate was nationwide and “uniformity” needed to be maintained.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry praised the ruling and slammed Biden for “villainizing our healthcare heroes with his ‘jab or job’ edicts.”

It is only a matter of time before Biden’s national vaccine mandate makes its way to the Supreme Court where the future of our basic freedom relies on the sometimes-shaky decisions of nine justices.

Until then Americans can celebrate the fact that a handful of brave federal judges remain at the bench, protecting our personal liberties, and saving us from a level of tyranny Americans have yet to experience.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney