Female Conservative Violently Harassed By Leftists After Right-Wing Speaking Event

By Jack Davis November 25th, 2019 | Image Source : Western Journal

A female student who wanted to attend conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter’s speech Wednesday night at the University of California at Berkeley found herself under attack by protesters when she tried to enter the hall where Coulter was speaking.

Multiple videos of the encounter and the protests were posted by conservative journalist Andy Ngo on his Twitter account.

“Left-wing protesters at @UCBerkeley block a woman from entering Wheeler Hall for the @AnnCoulter event. A protester then pretends to be with the event organizers in order to steal the woman’s ticket,” he wrote.

The video shows a sea of protesters engulfing the lone female student, chanting “Go home” repeatedly. One protester then pretends to be someone else and asks the girl for her ticket, which she surrendered only to find out she had been tricked.

Around her, the protesters dance to celebrate the fact that they had stopped the student from getting through.

Another of the several videos posted by Ngo from a different angle shows the same student being swarmed and screamed at.

“‘Get the f— out of here, bitch!’ Far-left protesters block and scream at woman attempting to get to Wheeler Hall for the @AnnCoulter event,” Ngo posted on Twitter.

Ngo noted in a later tweet that — like many far-left demonstrators — the protesters had little regard for the police performing security to protect Coulter’s First Amendment rights.
“Far-left protesters curse expletives at police who guarded Wheeler Hall at @UCBerkeley where @AnnCoulter spoke. The protesters also prevented some from attending the event by forming a wall. #antifa ” Ngo wrote.

The result was that many were arrested.

Coulter, who is known not to back down from a confrontation, had her own Twitter comeback to the protesters.

“They hate the Coulter ticket holder because she’s pretty and has long blonde hair,” she tweeted.

Berkeley student Abel De La Cruz, part of the group By Any Means Necessary, said the group wanted to shut down Coulter’s speech because she “incites violence against communities of color,” according to the Daily Californian.

Author: Jack Davis

Source: Western Journal: Female Student Mocked, Robbed by Mob of Protesters Outside Ann Coulter Event

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