Former Trump Official Lands Bombshell New Book Deal

According to sources, Trump’s former Attorney General William Barr has inked a major book deal.

Recent reports reveal that at least three executives at a major publishing house have confirmed that Barr’s forthcoming book will detail his tenure in the Justice Department under President Trump.

Barr reportedly began writing the book two months ago. This is the first book he’s ever written.

Barr has said little since leaving public office, so details of the book remain unknown. However, relations with the Former President did sour toward the end of Trump’s first term, so many believe Barr will not hold back.

Rumors of the book deal have swirled since it was revealed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett received a $2 million advance for her upcoming book, setting a record payday for a justice on our Nation’s highest court.

Conservatism now dominates the Court’s bench after Barrett’s nomination by then-President Trump.  Liberals became hysterical that her addition to the court could signal the end for major Democrat policy priorities such as the Affordable Care Act, and almost half-a-century-long abortion protections established under Roe v. Wade.

Months after taking the bench, Barrett has yet to definitively tilt the court on any controversial case.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney