Freedom Convoy Organizer Legally Targeted, Denied Basic Rights

What’s happening in Canada should concern each and every pro-free speech, anti-government tyranny, patriotic American.

The harrowing brutality at the hands of Justin Trudeau’s liberal government and state police force should be used as a precursor to what could happen in the United States if we allow Biden and his cronies to perpetuate liberal fascism. We see the trappings of it today: Jan. 6 protestors are being held in D.C. gulags, Big Tech firms and propaganda media outlets are tightening their grip on the liberal narrative, and our biggest corporations (not to mention our military) have taken a drastic turn to the left.

It cannot be allowed to proceed.

In Canada, ‘Freedom Convoy’ protestors have been targeted by Ottawa Police. They’re being arrested, their assets are being seized and their bank accounts frozen.

And that’s just the beginning.

Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of Canada’s Freedom Convoy movement, was denied bail by an Ottawa judge on Tuesday, as reports claimed the judge “was not convinced” she would stay home.

Lich, an Alberta resident behind the $10 million crowdfunding project halted by GoFundMe, was arrested Thursday and charged with “counselling to commit mischief.” Lich’s bank account was also reportedly frozen.

On Tuesday, Lich appeared before Ontario Court Justice Julie Bourgeois, expecting to post bail and return home. Instead, her bail was denied.

A reporter in the courtroom revealed the judge’s decision to keep Lich in jail.

The judge’s response seemed unduly harsh given Lich’s lack of criminal record.

A conviction of mischief, depending on the context and fallout, can bring a prison sentence of up to 10 years, according to the report. Lich’s next court date is scheduled for March 2.

Fellow Freedom Convoy organizer Chris Barber was reportedly released on Tuesday on a $100,000 bond.

In addition to Lich’s arrest, Ottawa police said in a statement on Monday that officers “have made 196 arrests, with 110 facing a variety of charges,” according to CTV News Canada.

“Ottawa police also said 115 vehicles connected to the protest have been towed,” according to the report.

Canadian law enforcement used crowd-control tactics including horses, pepper spray, and clubs to arrest Freedom Convoy protesters out of downtown Ottawa over the weekend.

This is the future of liberal fascism; we must never allow it to invade the United States.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth