Fully Vaccinated GOP Governor Tests Positive For China Virus

More and more “breakthrough” cases continue popping up across the country despite the “safe and effective” vaccine propaganda pushed on the American people on a daily basis.

It’s hard to wrap one’s mind around exactly what’s going on — and why the vaccine seems to lack the effectiveness promised by those constantly celebrating it.

Becoming vaccinated has become a way for liberals to signal their virtue and obedience to the government. It’s their way to show “I’m not like those hillbilly Republicans”.

Still, many of those who’ve been fully vaccinated are reportedly testing positive for the Wuhan Flu.

Fully vaccinated Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott has tested positive Tuesday for COVID-19, but he is currently experiencing no symptoms, his office announced.

Abbott, who has sought to block local officials in the state from mandating the use of masks, has been receiving daily tests for the infection despite being fully vaccinated and will quarantine at the governor’s mansion.

After the news broke of Gov. Abbott’s positive COVID status, liberals across the country erupted in celebration, proving yet again what sick and depraved people they actually are.

Author: Nolan Sheridan