George Bush’s Speech Makes Everyone Regret Voting For Him

Are you paying attention yet?

The man responsible for plunging America into a decades-long war is not on the defense, grasping at straws to deflect blame for the failure he caused in Afghanistan.

Not only is George W. Bush echoing the sentiments of the Democrat Party, but he’s actively playing into their hand, emboldening radical liberals to wage a new war on Trump supporters.

Many media and political figures expressed outrage online after former George W. Bush appeared to use his speech commemorating the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to compare January 6 Capitol protesters to the Islamic terrorists who viciously attacked America, killing nearly three thousands innocents and wounding more than double that number.

Speaking at the 9/11 memorial service for Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, Bush recalled the September 11 attacks while warning of future terrorist threats to the United States.

“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders but from violence that gathers within,” he said.

Alluding to American citizens who stormed Capitol Hill to protest the 2020 election, the former president stated:

In response to the comparison, many took to Twitter to express outrage.

“George W Bush is an imbecile,

“Are you paying attention yet?”

“F*cking unbelievable,”

“My disgust over this stupidity knows no bounds,”

“I agree with President Bush, domestic terrorists like ANTIFA and BLM, are comparable to Islamic extremists,”

“Swamp creatures like Bush hate Americans who oppose them more than they hate people who kill Americans,”

“I can’t think of anyone else who’s made such a disgusting disgrace of his legacy,”

“He’s trash and I’m done with him and his whole cabal,”

“He’s the worst president ever.”

While Republicans heaped criticism on Bush’s remarks, Democrats praised the former president despite their longtime disdain for him.

According to journalist Glenn Greenwald, “Liberals swooned emotionally” for the former president “because they crave his War on Terror, but just want it unleashed domestically at their political opponents.”

He also claimed that hearing Bush “link 9/11 with 1/6” was “ecstasy” for them.

President Joe Biden called Bush’s speech “really good,” adding that it was a “genuinely good speech about who we are.”

Former President Bill Clinton thanked Bush for his “powerful” speech.

“Bush is right,” wrote longtime Democratic political operative David Axelrod.

“And we cannot rest until all of Trump’s traitorous, insurrectionist foot soldiers face justice,” the group added.

“I’ll say it again: Trump damaged America in a way Bin Laden only dreamed of,”

Author: Sebastian Hayworth