GOP Governor Claps Back Against Biden’s Gun Grab

Republican-led states have begun reacting to Biden’s recent attack on Second Amendment rights for law-abiding citizens. The current president has signaled his intentions to ban guns, one by one, until eventually citizens will be unable to protect themselves as they see fit.

So far Biden has relied on Executive Order to carry out his plan, though urged Congress to pass sweeping gun control legislation as soon as possible.

He’s since signed multiple orders criminalizing the product of what his administration refers to as “ghost guns,” which can be built using untraceable kits. The cognitively-declining president has also taken aim at “assault weapons” which is essentially a meaningless term used exclusively by Democrats. Biden hopes to ban AR-15’s (most popular rifle an America), “AR-15-like pistols,” and “high capacity” magazines.

Republican governors are not allowing the federal government to imbue their states with Biden’s radical Left anti-gun policies and have begun taking bold action themselves.

Recently, Republican Governor of Missouri Mike Parson signed a bill that prohibits local police officers from enforcing federal gun laws.

“It is our time to protect the Second Amendment,” Parson said of the legislation.

The new punishes law enforcement agencies with fines up to $50,000 if they refuse to uphold an individual’s Second Amendment Rights.

Supporters of House Bill 85 claim it represents “a line in the sand” between state and federal governments and protects federal overreach into the private lives of American citizens.

However, per usual, Democrats are in fierce opposition to the bill, calling is “dangerous” and “obviously unconstitutional.”

“House Bill 85 is a radical, dangerous and obviously unconstitutional attempt to declare that Missouri will refuse to follow federal gun laws,” Missouri Democrat Crystal Quade said.


“It quite literally defunds the police and gives that taxpayer money to convicted criminals.”
Democrats should come up with different talking points because their anti-gun rhetoric is becoming stale.

The Republican push for sanctuary against invasive gun control comes as Joe Biden renews his efforts to strip Americans of the Constitutional rights. On multiple occasions he’s informed the American people of his intentions to severely limit their Second Amendment rights.

“Once again, I am urging lawmakers to take immediate action to help end this epidemic of gun violence in America.”

Author: Asa McCue