GOP State Prepares For Another Illegal Immigrant Invasion

Unfortunately, this is our new normal.

Thanks to Biden’s open border policies, border state – mostly Republican-led – will have to endure multiple waves of illegal immigration and endure the strain on their economies and the criminal justice system.

The Biden administration simply refuses to enforce immigration law. Sleepy Joe has done all he can to handcuff his own federal law enforcement agencies to prevent them from sending illegal immigrants back to their home countries even as America struggles to emerge from a global public health pandemic.

After already fighting off one surge of illegals from Haiti, Governor Greg Abbott is preparing for another battle of a similar kind.

Texas officials are getting set for a possible surge of more than 60,000 Haitian migrants at the border with Mexico, according to recent reports.

It’s been revealed that overwhelmed federal Border Patrol agents have been pulled from border duty to process those already in custody. In many regions, the move has left the border unguarded.

Texas officials have pushed to make up the absence of the federal patrols along the border. State government and law enforcement leaders spent the weekend preparing for a possible rush of more than 60,000 Haitian migrants, the Examiner reported.

Lone Star Republican Governor Greg Abbott sounded the alarm on his Twitter account over the weekend.

Renae Eze, a spokeswoman for Abbott, noted Texas has deployed thousands of National Guard and Department of Public Safety troopers to the border over the past seven months.

The migrants are not traveling as a single group or caravan. Instead, they are working with cartels to pass through Central America and Mexico to enter the U.S., the Examiner said.

Panama Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes, who was exasperated that the Biden administration seemingly ignored her country’s warnings for months about the last wave of migrants that ended up under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, has warned that as many as 60,000 more migrants, mostly Haitians, are headed for the U.S. southern border.

“We sounded the alarm when we should have,” Mouynes revealed. Last week, she concluded two days of meetings in Washington with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., saying the worst is “yet to come,” has warned that as many as 120,000 migrants are now headed to the U.S.

The brave Republicans who are standing up to Biden’s open border policies are providing hope to those Americans who believe the country is being destroyed. Joe Biden and the Democrats must face consequences for their policy decisions.