GROSS: House Dems Demonstrate Exactly What Not To Do During A Virus Pandemic

By Virginia Kruta And Henry Rodgers April 24th, 2020 | Image Source : Daily Caller

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wiped her nose, then touched the podium on the House floor Thursday — and several other members demonstrated the wrong way to wear face masks.

The members in attendance appeared to be following coronavirus social distancing guidelines to a degree — their seats were spaced out and many wore face coverings ranging from scarves to medical masks — but as they took their turns at the podium, things appeared to fall apart.

Caleb Hull tweeted a series of photos from Thursday’s session showing representatives on both sides of the aisle having difficulty wrestling with their face coverings.

Pelosi appeared to wipe her nose with her finger and then touch the podium before she began to speak.

Congressional reporter Michael McAuliff criticized Republican Texas Rep. Michael Burgess and Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan for ignoring the House doctor’s recommendation that they all wear masks.

Hull pointed out that Burgess and Jordan were far from the only ones who had chosen to either disregard the recommendation entirely or to wear their protective equipment in an ineffective manner.

None of the House members contacted by the Daily Caller returned requests for comment.

Author: Virginia Kruta And Henry Rodgers

Source: Daily Caller: Nancy Pelosi Wipes Her Nose, Touches Podium — House Members Demonstrate The Wrong Way To Wear Masks

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