Here’s Proof That Trump’s Going To Win

Source: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said that the Left is going to be “terribly shocked.” The latest slate of polling from the liberal media fake press has Biden ahead by double-digits, though his campaign is acting anything like they’re ahead. Obama and Biden scrambled to Michigan this weekend. Why? If you’re ahead by 10+ points nationally, Biden doesn’t need to do this. Alas, even his campaign says the polls are inflated, which could also be a way to keep the Democratic base from becoming complacent. Either way, polling this cycle has been outright atrocious, with suburban GOP voters, college-educated voters, and Democrats being oversampled to the nth degree. Trump Democrats and rural voters have been ignored. Even Michael Moore knows the Trump vote is undercounted; he set off the alarm bells this week as well.

From Minnesota to New Hampshire, Biden is down. PollWatch, Larry Schweikart, and David Chapman have been some of the people who have been tracking the early vote totals and the overall state of polling, in general, this cycle, cutting through the liberal nonsense.

Florida is key. You all know this. If Biden loses Florida, and I think he will, his chances of winning the election dip below 50 percent. And since 1968, Florida has been key in noting the direction of Michigan and Ohio in elections. If we win Michigan, we’re probably going to win Pennsylvania—and that’s the ballgame.

Right now, Democrats’ early voting advantage in Florida has dipped below 100,000. Biden is not doing as well as he should carry the state in Miami-Dade, the most populous Democratic county in the state. All of the die-hard anti-Trump voters appear to have voted—and the Election Day advantage is probably going to be decidedly for the president. We do have the makings for a bloodbath. Florida Democratic organizers are now admitting what we’ve known for a while: that while Democrats hate Trump, there’s not enough that absolutely love Joe Biden.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but I’ll wager another four years of Trump.

As some have noted regarding Democrats as the hours draw nearer to Election Day, “you can feel the panic.”

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: If New Batch of Polls are Correct, Trump Will Soar Past 300 Electoral Votes

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