Here’s What Really Happened Before Biden Met The Pope


Biden apparently couldn’t hold it before meeting the pope, experiencing a huge “bathroom accident” right before their chat. This would explain the lengthy face time Biden had with the Catholic leader compared to the brief meetings with former presidents.

Twitter conservatives circulated the news of Biden’s pre-Pope bathroom emergency after the “word around Rome” spread like wildfire. Many were speculation as to why the Pope had such an extended one-on-one time with Biden compared to other presidents – and this could very well be the reason.

Fake News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang apparently raised the question when she noted that Biden’s visit – en route to the G20 Summit in Glasgow – had been noticeably longer than those of former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

She cleverly failed to admit that Biden is the only Catholic president among the three, which could explain the extended meeting time since the two may have had more to discuss. However, credible sources have confirmed Biden’s bathroom catastrophe and other mishaps that reportedly threw the Pope for a loop.

The rumor appeared to start a short time later with a tweet from former Republican Nevada Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian, who claimed without presenting any evidence that Biden’s possible accident was the topic of much discussion in Rome.

Within a matter of hours, #PoopyPantsBiden, #ShartWeek and #PoopGate were trending on social media.

The rumor out of Rome comes after Vatican officials abruptly cut off live video feed from the meeting with Joe Biden and the Pope. Speculations were flying, but it’s been confirmed that the cognitively deficient president made an off-color joke to the top Catholic, who also is in mental decline.

The joke Biden lobbed to the Pope was apparently about Catholicism and drinking, which are intrinsically linked. The ‘drunk Catholic’ stereotype is a mainstay in the public realm of humor and jokes.

Meanwhile, Biden claims the meeting was fruitful, saying of the Pope: “He’s a fine man. We keep in touch.”

Author: Elizabeth Tierney