Hillary Reveals Secret Role In The 2020 Election

Photo Via AP

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton revealed that she and some of her closest allies will be directly responsible for determining how New Yorkers vote in the 2020 election.

Hillary admitted to being an elector for the state of New York, meaning she is responsible for casting a vote in the electoral college on behalf of her party should they win the state. “I’m an elector, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get to vote for Joe and Kamala in New York, so that’s pretty exciting,” Clinton told SiriusXM’s “Signal Boost” show.

According to New York Board of Election records, the 2016 Democratic nominee is not the only prominent Democrat on this year’s list of electors. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, is an elector, as is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state Attorney General Letitia James

The last time New York voted for a Republican was in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan won 49 states.

Clinton is confident that New York will go for Biden, but expressed concern that the rest of the country might not be as clear cut on election day.

“I am worried that we’re not going to have a final conclusion though for a couple of days, if not longer,” she said, adding that she has been talking to attorneys with the Biden campaign as well as independent lawyers who are “preparing for every scenario you can imagine.”

A lack of a clear winner on Nov. 3 became more likely after the Supreme Court refused to give expedited consideration to Republicans’ challenge of a Pennsylvania court ruling that allowed ballots to be accepted several days after Election Day. The court also declined to take up a challenge to North Carolina’s decision to allow absentee ballots to be received and counted as late as nine days after voters head to the polls – both are notably decisions which favor the Democrats and their now well-known election rigging tactics.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday, however, seemed strangely confident that a Joe Biden victory was coming. “I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday,” Pelosi said at a news conference at the Capitol, while acknowledging counting votes may continue past Nov. 3.

“On Jan. 20, he will be inaugurated president of the United States. So while we don’t want to be overconfident or assume anything, we have to be ready for how we’re going to go down a different path.”

Pelosi then went on to repeat a false claim that Republicans have somehow attacked the postal system to damage mail-in voting in the upcoming election.

“I hope that people will not depend on the mail because they have done all they can to dismantle the postal system,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi blasted President Trump for sowing doubt on the credibility of elections, attacking the GOP for… long lines at voting locations. Seriously.

“It is appalling to see the obstacles to participation that the Republicans and the president are putting in the way,” she said, citing long lines at early voting locations as one example.

Pelosi said, “It’s a discourtesy to the American people to say: ‘You go stand in line for hours…”

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