House Commies Charge Another Political Enemy With a Ridiculous Crime

In what will go down as a blight to U.S. history: a moment in time when U.S. elected officials took multiple pages from the books written by Soviet communists, a harrowing point in our country when political prisoners are given public show trials and subsequently charged with crimes, is among us.

On Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives voted to find former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify before a Democratic-led panel investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

In other words, Democrats have now begun charging their political enemies with crimes via public show trials broadcasted by the propagandist media…

Are you paying attention yet?

Meadows, a former House Republican lawmaker, is the second Trump aide to face charges from the Department of Justice for failing to testify. A federal grand jury last month indicted Trump adviser Steve Bannon after the House voted to find him in contempt of Congress for refusing to talk to the committee.

Meadows did not comply with a subpoena to testify before the riot panel Dec. 8.

Meadows’s lawyer told the nine-member committee he would not cooperate because doing so would require disclosing privileged information.

But the panel’s seven Democrats and two Republicans argued that Meadows was not protected by executive privilege and was flouting the panel as it attempted to determine what provoked the riot — and the role GOP lawmakers and Trump played in it.

Meadows had already provided thousands of pages of documents to the committee before drawing a line at private phone records and other classified information that they eventually got their hands on anyway.

Let’s face it: the committee is by no means interested in preventing another so-called storming of the Capitol. Their mission is imprison political opponents using Soviet-era public show trials combined with massive propaganda campaigns. There’s nothing new here…

House Republicans erupted in anger after Meadows was charged with contempt, an emotion every concerned American should feel after this clown show was allowed to proceed.

Republicans pointed out that Congress has already impeached Trump on charges that he provoked the attack, and Senate panels have conducted separate investigations, as have law enforcement groups.

The ranking Republican on the House Administration Committee questioned why Democrats are not focused on critical security lapses that made it possible for the rioters to push their way past the police

The House has yet to implement some of the security recommendations made in the aftermath of the attack, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to answer questions about why the National Guard request made by the Capitol Police chief was denied.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth