House Republicans Strike Back Against Vaccine Tyranny

House Republicans are fighting back against the liberal push to force Americans to prove their inoculation with a vaccine passport. A new bill has been introduced on the House floor to outlaw any movement restrictions against Americans who wish to keep their medical records private.

Republican Rep. Andy Biggs authored the bill, saying:

 “I’m profoundly disturbed that the Biden administration would even consider imposing vaccine passports on the American people…”

Read his entire statement here:

The “No Vaccine Passport Act” would prevent federal agencies from mandating standard documentation proving inoculation from the COVID-19 virus, from a third party, as a requirement to enter any Federal or Congressional buildings, structures, or events.

The House bill has 18 Republican co-sponsors:

  • Jeff Duncan of South Carolina
  • Greg Steube of Florida
  • Warren Davidson of Ohio
  • Ben Cline of Virginia
  • Yvette Herrell of New Mexico
  • Louie Gohmert of Texas
  • Russ Fulcher of Idaho
  • Chip Roy of Texas
  • Mary Miller of Illinois
  • Bill Posey of Florida
  • Ralph Norman of South Carolina
  • Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
  • Ted Budd of North Carolina
  • Randy Weber of Texas
  • Scott Perry of Pennsylvania
  • Jody Hice of Georgia

The bill would prevent any and all federal mandates of a vaccine passports, but states care still free to require their own.

But some states have already moved to ban the documents.

Florida, Utah, Texas and Idaho have led the charge in banning any use of vaccine passports.

Author: Asa McCue