Hunter Confesses His Worst Crime — And It’s a Doozy

Hunter Biden is abandoning his love child birthed by an Arkansas stripper who now is seeking child support.

In his forthcoming memoir, the recovering drug addict claims to have “no recollection” of ever encountering the woman who gave birth to his son in 2018.

Biden details his year-long struggle with drugs and even admits to a convincing his Dad to support the disturbing relationship with his brother’s widow.

In January of last year, an Arkansas Circuit Judge ordered a paternity test to determine whether Hunter was in fact the father of the child in question. As it turns out, DNA tests made clear that Biden was the father.

Lack of memory has been the prevailing theme for Hunter. Not only in his upcoming memoir, but in interviews given since his dad assumed office. More times than one, the President’s son claims to have no recollection of the claims against him. He doesn’t remember his child’s mother, the damning laptop, or his overseas business dealings – drugs must have really done a number on the guy.


Author: Gene Hayworth 




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