Infamous Far-Left Group Petitions Networks To Stop Carrying Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings

By Katie Pavlich April 2nd, 2020 | Image Source: Town Hall

Far-left activist organization is petitioning news networks to stop airing President Trump’s Wuhan coronavirus task force briefings. They take place daily from the White House.

“Instead of enabling this behavior, major news media outlets need to stop airing these press briefings live, unedited on television. Trump and his administration do not deserve a platform to make a case for re-election in a global pandemic, and news media organizations need to intervene and make sure that they are not allowing the general public to fall prey to misinformation from the sitting president as we all deal with the effects of the coronavirus,” a frantic email from an activist states. “Sign this petition demanding that media outlets end live daily coverage of Trumps’s COVID-19 coronavirus press briefings.”

As President Trump’s overall approval rating has gone up, in addition to receiving high marks for his handling of the pandemic, a number of “journalists” and pundits have called for the same.

President Trump created the Wuhan coronavirus task force on January 30. It is made up of numerous doctors, scientists and experts who give detailed and crucial information about the disease every day.

Author: Katie Pavlich

Source: Town Hall: Infamous Far-Left Group Petitions News Networks to Stop Carrying President Trump’s Wuhan Coronavirus Briefings

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