Iran Gets President Biden Right Where They Want Him….

The weakness of the Biden administration toward Iran has caused a drastic shift in geopolitical dominance that the U.S. will likely never recover from.

A recent report revealed Iran has already rejected an offer from Biden before he’s even officially offered it. The current president has agreed to slowly lift sanctions on members of Iran’s regime if they agree to slow down, or cease altogether, their nuclear operations.

Officials in Biden’s administration planned to reach Iran with their proposal as early as next week. The proposal asks Iran to halt their nuclear activities – work on advanced centrifuges and enrichment of uranium – in exchange for some economic relief from U.S. sanctions.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration teased Iran, claiming it would give back a small portion of their billions of dollars in frozen assets in exchange for stopping their uranium enrichment program. Iran declined.

Tehran said the offer was unequal. To counter Biden, Iran agreed to halt uranium for only one month in exchange for the frozen billion-dollar fortune. American officials refused to take their offer seriously.

The preemptive rejection of Biden’s offer marks the third time Iran has essentially laughed in America’s face. Let’s face it, this would not have happened, and did not happen, when Trump was at the helm.

The Biden administration has been seeking to engage Iran in talks about both sides resuming compliance with the deal, under which economic sanctions on Tehran were removed in return for curbs on Iran’s nuclear program to make it harder to develop a nuclear weapon.

President Biden has taken several steps — often at the expense of U.S. allies — aimed at enticing Iran to rejoin negotiation, all to no avail thus far.

Author: Nolan Sheridan

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