Israel Shares In America’s Demise: Election Fraud Threatens Democracy

Israel has met a similar fate as Donald Trump and other Republicans as liberals in the Middle East nation threaten democracy with use of fraudulent election tactics.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu lamented a newly-formed coalition of political radicals that threaten his seat as head of state. Netanyahu, like Trump, has called this move “the greatest attempt at election fraud” in the history of democracy in Israel.

Netanyahu aimed his allegations at the man poised to replace him as Prime Minister, nationalist leader Naftali Bennett. He alleged that Bennett broke a major campaign promise when he pledged to not partner with left-wing Arab parties, but announced a coalition with these factions anyway.

Bennett has taken up arms with left-wing Arab leader Yair Lapid in an attempt to unseat Netanyahu.

As part of the deal brokered by insidious coalition, Bennett will serve as Prime Minister of Israel after Netanyahu’s ouster, followed by Lapid who will assume power after Bennet’s term.

The Israeli parliament must vote to approve the new government, but no date has been set as of yet. The results of the March 23 election have remained inconclusive – no winner has been announced – but a new government is expected to be sworn in no later than June 14.

Netanyahu exposed Bennett’s betrayal of the Israeli people when he joined forces with Lapid, despite promises of the contrary.

“That’s why people justifiably feel deceived and they are responding, they must not be shut up,” he said.

As Israel’s longest-serving leader, Netanyahu has catapulted his country into economic, military, and geopolitical excellence since he assumed office in 2009. Lately, his tenure has been tarnished by an on going corruption trial of which no substantial evidence of Netanyahu’s wrongdoing has come to light.

The Israeli people have overwhelmingly expressed their dismay over the political jockeying of the new prospective government.  Mass protesting has emerged outside homes of Netanyahu’s opposition – security has been bolstered as a result. Social media threats have rained down upon the potential new government as citizens demand fair elections in their democratic country.

Netanyahu warned against the use of any political violence, condemning it wholly, but he will not allow the coalition between Bennet and Lapid to proceed without exposing its true nature – a dangerous Far-Left alliance.

“This government is endangering Israel with such a danger the likes of which we have not seen for many years,” he said.

Netanyahu said the new coalition of Far-Left and Far-Right leaders would not be able to withstand the United States if the Biden administration returns to the disastrous nuclear deal with Iran. He warned that the new government could not handle the military ordeal currently underway with Gaza’s Hamas terrorist militants, who dealt heavy rocket attacks on Israeli cities for 11 days straight.

Big Tech giants Facebook and Twitter received a lashing from the current Priime Minister as well, who said the platforms, which he uses frequently, are censoring legimate criticism from center-right parties of the Bennett-Lapid coalition.

Netanyahu said Facebook had censored a post from a right-wing Israeli legislator that included an address of where a protest was planned to take place. He noted that a left-wing post featured the same address, yet Big Tech censors refused to take it down, clearing showing a bias within Silicon Valley.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for Facebook declined comment as well.

Author: Asa McCue