It’s Just a Matter Of Days Before Cuomo’s Behind Bars

Andrew Cuomo’s days are numbered.

The embattled governor of New York is facing serious consequences after evidence suggested he routinely sexually harassed government staffers, breaking several federal and state laws.

The New York District Attorney confirmed Wednesday that they have opened a criminal probe into allegations that New York governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, sexually harassed and groped at 11 women.

New York Attorney General Leticia James announced Tuesday, after speaking with 179 witnesses and reviewing tens of thousands of pieces of evidence, that the sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo were “credible” and that the governor sexually harassed “multiple women.” James’s investigation found that Cuomo would repeatedly harass and intimidate his victims into remaining silent.

At least one woman alleged that Cuomo touched her inappropriately under her blouse during a meeting at the governor’s mansion. A state trooper, assigned to Cuomo’s detail, also alleged that Cuomo made inappropriate remarks and touched her in a suggestive way without permission.

It is not clear whether federal authorities are also pursuing a criminal probe, even though James did note that she believed her investigation produced evidence of violations of federal law. The Department of Justice had been pursuing an investigation into Cuomo’s order, issued early in the pandemic, that forced nursing homes and other residential care facilities to accept patients who were recovering from COVID-19 infections, regardless of whether they still tested positive for the virus.

Although that order likely led to the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers, the Biden administration announced last month that it did not plan to pursue investigations related to those orders in New York, Michigan, or other states that had those policies.

President Joe Biden reiterated his call for Andrew Cuomo to resign during his press conference on Tuesday.

Author: Asa McCue