Jen Psaki Scrambles To Justify Biden’s Heartless Actions

Is there any behavior from Joe Biden that Jen Psaki won’t excuse? It seems that any crime, any malfeasance, regardless how how egregious, will be spun and twisted by the White House red-headed mouthpiece.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was pressed on “commander in chief” Joe Biden’s inexcusable disrespect during the dignified transfer of the 13 fallen soldiers who fell victim to Biden’s incompetence.

Video cameras caught Biden appearing lethargic, barely awake, repeatedly checking his watch as if he had somewhere else to be.

That day at Camp David, multiple family members of the fallen soldiers erupted in anger as their loved one was carried away in a casket, rightfully blaming Biden for their death.

Witnesses claim one women screamed at Biden to “Go to hell!” across the tarmac.

Other family members revealed their meeting with Biden was a “disaster.” They reported on Biden’s demeaner, saying his words to them seemed “forced” “pre-planned” and dominated by anecdotes about his son Beau, without feigning any interest in their perished loved ones.

A father of one of the 13 slain troops claimed Biden bristled at his demand to “learn their stories,” to which the “president” responded: “I do know their stories!”

Psaki was pressed after video emerged of the incident and subsequent backlash ensued from family members of the fallen U.S. troops.

Psaki never answered the question about whether Biden was looking at his watch.


Author: Elizabeth Tierney