Jihad ‘Squad’ Member Seeks To Destroy Free Speech

Just because you’re offended doesn’t give you a right to censor or limit a person’s free speech rights.

Sometimes in life you’ll hear words that may be offensive; they might strike a cord or even be downright rude. But that does not (or should not) in any way jeopardize one’s right to say whatever it is he or she wishes at any time – given they are willing to handle the consequences.

It takes a real weakling and reveals an underlying evil currently invading the Democrat Party when your knee-jerk reaction is to silence someone who hurt your feelings.

Such is the case with Socialist ‘Squad’ member Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota.

Rep. Omar appeared on CNN (surprise, surprise) over the weekend to whine about House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who has yet to publicly condemn Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican, for offending Omar.

Omar told anchor Jake Tapper that McCarthy — and other Republicans in leadership positions — had not done enough to condemn Congresswoman Boebert for comments that she said were anti-Muslim and could provoke extremists into taking dangerous or violent actions.

While Boebert’s comments could be interpreted as bad taste, the level of hysteria peddled by Omar and her comrades is in no way commensurate with the actual offense.

Despite Boebert’s public and private apologies to Omar (big mistake), the socialist rep. demanded even further concession from McCarthy.

To a CNN audience she resorted to full baby mode, lashing out with invectives and name calling.

“McCarthy is a liar and a coward. He doesn’t have the ability to condemn the kind of bigoted Islamaphobia and anti-Muslim –” Omar said.

Omar said that she expected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take action in the coming weeks, noting that she had spoken with her about the issue and that the Speaker had always lived up to her promises.

What a sad state of childishness the Democrat Party has devolved into.

It’s absolutely appropriate for Boebert to make a mistake and take her criticism of Omar too far given that they are both elected officials in the House of Representatives. Not everyone can pull off the acid-tongue approach a-la Former President Donald Trump.

However, the level of insanity Omar is bringing to the national conversation is part in parcel with the temperature of Democrats, who will exploit even their own race for political talking points and leverage.


Author: Asa McCue