Joe Biden Buckles Under Pressure From The Left

The far-left bug won’t stop buzzing in Joe Biden’s ear. 

After mounting pressure from party radicals, Biden was forced to backtrack on yet another campaign promise. This time it’s Student Loan Forgiveness. 

Biden promised a $10,000 forgiveness on all student debt on the campaign trail, but quickly pinned the potential policy to focus on other domestic and foreign matters. 

Calls quickly mounted from the far-left wing of his party to increase the student debt forgiveness to $50,000, a proposal Biden administration has balked at. 

Biden said previously that relief around the $10,000 mark should be targeted. He does not favor a $50,000 forgiveness without certain limitations” White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced to reporters.

Psaki’s backtrack comes after Sen. Chuck Schumer, feeling the pressure from a potential primary challenge from the far-left AOC, voiced his concern after Biden’s televised town hall meeting with CNN. 

Biden informed the town hall audience that he most definitively “will not make that happen” when asked about a $50,000 student debt forgiveness cap.

Earlier this month, Schumer and Warren clashed with Biden on the exact amount of student debt that should be forgiven. 

This highlights the growing schism currently underway in the Democrat party. The party’s far-left radicals are increasing their demands for more spending and more “democratic socialism.” 

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