Joe Biden’s Conversation With Al Gore Ends In Utter Confusion

By Bonchie April 23th, 2020 | Image Source : Red State

If this guy makes it to November, I’ll be shocked. I don’t mean I think he’s going to die or anything, but man is he slipping mentally. I’ve covered some of his recent face plants here, but they just keep coming.

The latest comes from a conversation with Al Gore via remote stream. It goes about as badly as you’d expect it would go.

In this clip, we see Biden trying to get a jab in on Trump and he can’t even complete the line. He then randomly shifts to climate change, likely because it was the next thing on his notes in front of him. You can see Al Gore’s eyebrows jump up as Biden seems to just lose his entire train of thought. Worse, the former VP begins to slur his words and becomes unable to form a sentence properly. He calls climate change “the climate change” like it’s some foreign, alien idea.

Everyone should be concerned about this guy’s inability to process his thoughts. He can’t go more than a few minutes speaking off a teleprompter without his mind melting. None of this is normal and anyone pretending otherwise is choosing to gaslight for political reasons. That’s not to say someone can’t believe Biden is still a better choice than Trump (I disagree, but hey, this is America), but there’s certainly no arguing this guy has full control over his mental faculties.

Author: Bonchie

Source: Red State: Joe Biden Talks to Al Gore, Randomly Forgets What He’s Saying and Starts Slurring His Words

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