Joe Breaks Down After Trump Deals Out The Ultimate Biden Family Roast

During a press conference to announce his historic class-action lawsuit against Big Tech, Former President Donald Trump left no prisoners. He launched invectives at not only social media CEOs, but Capitol Police, the Fake News media, and even the Biden family.

Trump claimed that the amount of evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop of his and Joe’s criminal activity makes the notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone look like ”a baby.”

”It’s even worse when the media doesn’t tell the truth, like Hunter Biden’s ”laptop from hell,” Trump said

The reference is to Capone’s massive criminal empire, which was responsible for the organized crime during the Prohibition in 1920s Chicago.

Capone was rumored to have orchestrated the bloody St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in which rival gang members were shot to death by gunmen dressed as police. According to the FBI, Capone was responsible for many of the murders committed in Chicago during that time.

Law enforcement eventually caught up with Capone on tax and fraud charges in 1931, and he was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison.

In April, the contents of Hunter’s Apple laptop computer were verified by a electronic repair shop owner in Delaware. It was there that the embattled Biden son dropped off his macbook but never returned.

He has said that he does not recall dropping the device off at the repair shop.

According to the reports, the laptop contained 154,000 emails and more than 2,000 photos showing the president’s son engaged in a variety of criminal enterprises, including drugs and prostitution.

The emails also call into question whether then-Vice President Joe Biden was being used by his son to influence foreign deals worth millions to himself and others in the Biden family.

Both Bidens have denied claims of impropriety during the elder Biden’s term as vice president.

Trump made the comparison to Capone to lambaste the mainstream media at a press conference announcing a class-action lawsuit against several large social media companies on the grounds of censorship.

Trump said the media was turning a blind eye to the violence sweeping cities across the country, with 260 people shot in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend.

”If the people don’t hear this, you’ll never be able to solve the problem. It’s a problem like this country has never had, what’s happened over the last six months in particular, and what’s happening in certain cities, is a horrible thing,” he said. ”It’s an embarrassment to our country. But more importantly, it’s just a horrible thing. The loss of human life on a weekly basis, and you turn on these major newscasts a lot of people are watching, and it’s not even mentioned. You [media] have to change. You’ve got to get your credibility back. You don’t have the credibility. You have to get it back.”

Author: Nolan Sheridan