Jon Stewart Praises Trump, Pleads With Congress To “Do The Right Thing”

By Nick Arama February 26th, 2019 | Image Source: Chicks On The Right

We were all touched by the 9/11 attack, those who lived through it and even those who came later whose lives have now been shaped by the new world that emerged from that.

But perhaps the people most touched by that horrific event were the first responders who raced to the World Trade Center on that day and then spent days afterward searching through the rubble in the hopes of finding people.

Many who survived are still suffering and comedian Jon Stewart brought their plight to the attention of the media today in an impassioned plea.

From Hollywood Reporter:

Stewart joined with congressional Democrats and Republicans to advocate for a bipartisan bill that will extend congressional funding for the First Responders and their families for 70 years, just a week after the Department of Justice announced that payments made through the Victim Compensation Fund will be curtailed for budgetary reasons.

“If there’s anyone who’s able to break this loose, it’s Jon Stewart,” said Republican Rep. Peter King of New York. “He brought it out of the political realm, out of the debate, showed what nonsense some of the arguments were against it.”

Addressing the reporters who flocked to the U.S. Capitol building for the event, Stewart said, “I know we have a lot of media coverage today, and I know that tomorrow the 24-hour cycle will move on and you’ll be discussing the body language of Kim Jong Un and whatever else is going on there, and phones will be ringing, and all kinds of other crap will go on.”

Stewart “begged” reporters to speak with some of the victims and families present. “You can amplify their stories,” he said. “You can get their stories out to the American people. … We need your advocacy as well. We need you to use your mouthpiece to get this going.”

He said that some of the victims present won’t be around for future events, “so get their stories out now. … This is your opportunity to write a final chapter for these men and women who fought for 18 years.”

And then with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer at his side, in a moment that must have made Schumer choke just a bit, Stewart praised the work of the Trump administration in administrating the program. And then he scolded Congress saying it was now time that they do theirs.

That’s using celebrity the right way, to do something so good and so vitally important.

And something for which there shouldn’t even be a question.

Author: Nick Arama

Source: Chicksonright: Jon Stewart Praises Trump Admin, Pleads with Congress to Do Right Thing for 9/11 Responders

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