Kamala Doesn’t Get The Warm Welcome She Was Hoping For

As tensions in Afghanistan rise, you would expect that our Vice President would be at the side of the President, comforting the American people and devising a strategy to rescue those in need. But no, Kamala Harris has spent the last few days in Asia, eating frilly food with the President of Singapore while she pretends to do her job.

The good news, or bad news if your Kamala, is waiting for her when she gets home, and boy will she be surprised. You see, Kamala hasn’t really had a lot of successes since she took her spot next to Biden as the Vice President of the United States, but failure might be her most humiliating yet. Not just for her, either, but for Biden and his entire administration, and even for America.

We already know that Biden’s approval rating has gone completely down the toilet since he took office, but what about Kamala’s? Apparently the Afghanistan crisis is waking everyone in America up to just how bad she and Biden are, because Kamala’s number are now so low, she’s making prior VP’s and Biden himself look like the star of the show.

A brand new poll from NBC gives all the gory details about just how poorly Kamala is doing. It is one of the lowest rating for the Vice President of the US in nearly 30 years. You could definitely label it as ‘unprecedented’ lows.

In fact, she is sitting all the way down at 37%. This is lower than for VP’s Dick Cheney, Al Gore, Mike Pence and even Joe Biden.

Her total positive versus her total negative points are also incredible low at a whopping negative 9 points. Just to give you an idea of how bad this is, Dick Cheney’s gap was actually a positive 23 points.

What’s even worse is that her ‘very positive’ versus her ‘very negative’ gap is sitting all the way down at negative 17. This nearly triples Biden’s negative six, which was his wort point during his first year serving in the Obama administration.

Afghanistan isn’t helping, but her failures with the border and election reform are also partly to blame. Truth be told, she’s been a failure since day one.

Author: Micky Brown