Kamala Harris Scrambles To Conceal Her COVID Hypocrisy

After meeting with fugitive Democrat lawmakers from Texas, Vice President Kamala Harris suddenly scheduled a medical appointment at Walter Reed Hospital on Sunday.

An official at the Washington D.C. hospital claimed Harris scheduled the appointment before her meeting with the Lone Star Democrats, but there’s no proof to back up these claims.

Kamala’s need for medical attention comes after many of the Texas Democrats tested positive for COVID-19 after boarding a plane maskless in protest of the recently-passed election security bill in their home state. The group subsequently met with Harris last week without knowing of their positive status.

The vice president applauded the Democrats’ efforts to protest the bill, welcoming them to the Capitol Building with open arms. Upon hearing of their positive COVID-19 diagnosis, Kamala and her team immediately went into cover-up mode, attempting to bury the story. Luckily for Harris, the mainstream media wouldn’t dare report negatively on her. But if were a convoy of Republican lawmakers passing around the coronavirus to top White House officials, the Fake News would have a heyday, accusing the lawmakers of attempted murder.

Symone Sanders, Kamala’s chief spokesperson, rushed out a statement quelling any concerns for the Vice President despite her exposure to the virus.

A group of Texas House Democrats fled Austin last week to forestall passage of a state law that would put new voting restrictions in place. They visited Capitol Hill on Tuesday to press Congress to pass federal voting-rights legislation.

Three Democratic lawmakers who left the state subsequently tested positive, one on Friday and two on Saturday, according to the Texas Democrat Caucus leader.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth