Kamala Issues Chilling Threat to Americans

Following multiple shootings in the past weeks, Vice President has called upon Congress to act quickly on drafting legislation banning certain firearms, a direct violation of Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Harris lauded Biden’s recent Executive action on gun control, but called on Congress to take more meaningful action with sweeping legislation.

Joe Biden signed six Executive Orders restricting Second Amendment rights for Americans.

“Congress has to act. We should have background checks. We should have an assault weapons ban. Assault weapons have been designed to kill a lot of people quickly. They are weapons of war, and Congress has to act.”

Despite his sweeping Executive actions, Biden has raised similar questions on the limits of his authority in regards to banning certain firearms.

In leaked audio with civil rights leaders at the White House, Biden said,:

“There’s no executive authority to do away with that. And no one has fought harder to get rid of assault weapons than me, me, but you can’t do it by executive order. We do that, next guy comes along and says, ‘Well, guess what? By executive order, I guess everybody can have machine guns again.’ So we gotta be careful.”

Harris’ plea to Congress comes after a string of shootings reinvigorated the anti-gun debate in America, with many on the left calling for sweeping gun bans. Conservatives have maintained their Second Amendment rights, saying any infringement, ban, or restrictive measure is a direct violation and should be challenged in court. Similarly, the NRA has just launched a multi-million legal counterattack against the Biden administration’s recent Executive action.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth