Karl Rove Defends Trump, Destroys Obama With Simple 3 Words

By Mike Brest May 19th, 2020 | Image Source : Washington Examiner

Karl Rove likened President Barack Obama’s criticism of the Trump administration’s coronavirus response via commencement address to a “political drive-by shooting.”

On Monday, the former senior adviser to President George W. Bush weighed in on Obama’s weekend commencement address to historically black colleges and universities, during which he said the pandemic has “finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing.”

The former president’s critique came amid attacks from President Trump, who has accused him of committing the “biggest political crime” in history. While former presidents have historically refrained from attacking their successors, Obama has ridiculed the Trump administration for its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Department of Justice’s motion to drop charges against Trump’s first national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

“It is so unseemly for a former president to take the virtual commencement ceremony for a series of historically black colleges and universities and turn it into a political drive-by shooting,” Rove told Fox & Friends. “This is a moment where these young graduates could be inspired to a life of service, to recognize that life is going to bring challenges, and how we handle the challenges is going to demonstrate our character. There are lots of positive messages that the former president could have delivered.”

“I mean, think about that,” he said after repeating Obama’s criticism. “He has slandered, you know, not just the president, who’s his political target, and he made it clear a week ago he was going to go after him, but he’s taking a slap at the vice president, who has done an extraordinarily effective job as the head of the coronavirus task force, Dr. [Anthony] Fauci, Dr. [Deborah] Birx …”

Obama did not mention Trump by name, but his speech came a week after he privately criticized his successor in remarks to alumni from his administration.

Trump has derided Obama in recent weeks for what he claims is his predecessor’s explicit decision to engage in a covert mission meant to hamper his then-incoming administration. The conspiracy surged in conservative circles in recent weeks after the Department of Justice motioned to drop the criminal charges against Flynn.

Author: Mike Brest

Source: Washington Examiner: Karl Rove: Obama committed ‘political drive-by shooting’ with criticism of Trump coronavirus response

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