Keith Ellison swears he has never seen a Bernie supporter act ‘unusually mean,’ gets a reminder from Steve Scalise

By Breck Dumas February 21st, 2020 | Image Source : The Blaze

This is one epic takedown

Democratic Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison claimed Thursday that he has “never seen” any supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) acting “unusually mean” and challenged the internet to provide an example.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) — who was shot and nearly killed by a Sanders supporter — answered the call.

What are the details?

“I have never seen @BernieSanders supporters being unusually mean or rude,” Ellison declared on Twitter, before asking, “Can someone send me an example of a ‘Bernie Bro’ being bad. Also, are we holding all candidates responsible for the behavior of their supporters?”

He taunted, “Waiting to hear.”

Rep. Scalise responded to Ellison’s tweet with a subtle but heavy-hitting takedown: “I can think of an example.”

The Republican from Louisiana was shot by a crazed, ardent supporter of Sanders while practicing with his GOP colleagues for the annual congressional baseball game in the summer of 2017. The attack left five people injured including Scalise, who was in critical condition. He underwent multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation.

What prompted Ellison’s tweet?

Ellison was attempting to come to the defense of so-called “Bernie Bros,” as radical Sanders supporters have been called out by the left and the right for harassing the democratic socialist’s political opponents both online and in public.

But Rep. Scalise was not the only person able to deliver an example of a Sanders supporter crossing the line, and several of Ellison’s fellow Democrats offered screenshots documenting threats of violence they had received from Bernie Bros.

One was Khary Penebaker, treasurer of the Democratic National Committee’s Black Caucus, who wrote, “Keith, here is an example. This was from last week. This user said that I was fu*cking gross and should meet a bus (meaning that I should be hit by a bus). Reading the user’s timeline you’ll see that he’s a Sanders supporter.”

Author: Breck Dumas

Source: The Blaze: Keith Ellison swears he has never seen a Bernie supporter act ‘unusually mean,’ gets a reminder from Steve Scalise

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