Key Advisor To Leave White House — Shocking Announcement Goes Viral

By Miriam Weaver August 24th, 2020 | Image Source: Chicks On Right

My respect for her has now officially been restored.
According to her linked statement, that she tweeted out late last night, she is going to leave at the end of this month in order to focus attention on her family, which I think we can all agree is SO TOTALLY OVERDUE.

And I’m not even just saying that because her daughter is a complete train wreck right now. I’m saying it because Kellyanne clearly needs to focus on her marriage too, or at least on whatever issues have led her to allow herself to be completely run over by that horrific blob she’s married to.

Speaking of George, he also tweeted a giant firestorm of criticism against Trump yesterday, after saying this:

I guess he took the criticism about his wishy-washyness to heart, because shortly after that he posted this:

He then REtweeted the news about Kellyanne. Here’s her statement from the sourcelink:

“Less drama, more mama.” Right on, girl. This is absolutely positively the right call.

Author: Miriam Weaver

Source: Chicks On Right: ALERT: Kellyanne Conway Is Leaving The Trump Administration

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