Latest Psaki Bomb Proves Biden Doesn’t Care About American Soldiers

On Thursday, Joe Biden announced that he would be sticking with Former President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The cognitively-declining commander-in-chief also took Trump’s advice, revealing the date for withdrawal has been moved up from the Sep. 11 to Aug 31.

However, the war is not ending with a jovial celebration that U.S. troops will be returning home to their families. According to White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki, there will be no such celebrations.

Following Joe’s presser, Psaki took the podium to inform reporters that while American soldiers will be returning home from Afghanistan, many of whom have fought there for a decade or more, the war has not been won.

“We are not having a moment of celebration,” Psaki blurted.

She reiterated the Biden’s feelings about the war he helped create, saying, “We did not win the war militarily. This is not a ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment” before quickly slipping in, “We are proud of the men and women who served.”

Her dismissal comes as no surprise since her boss is essentially one of the authors of the Middle East war playbook. As Vice President Biden took great pleasure in asking for more taxpayer money to fund “nation-building” efforts in Afghanistan.

A little more than 10 years later, after the damage has been done, Biden can now claim the U.S. does not support Afghanistan nation-building when that’s exactly what he’s support all along. After Trump secured peace deals with the Taliban and Afghanistan, the Former President guaranteed a troop withdrawal from the region. Biden is simply following in the Trump’s footsteps.

Biden’s record speaks for itself. With over 50 years in office, he has not once been a vocal opponent of any major U.S. war, and in fact, has been a key player in getting the Middle East wars funded with taxpayer money. Trump on the other hand, since entering politics — and even before — has always been peaceful and ardently anti-war.

A main platform in Trump’s America First agenda was the ending of all foreign wars and a complete troop withdrawal from the Middle East. We an see that Biden has been heavily inspired by the MAGA movement.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney