Leading RINO Is Completely Obsessed With Trump

Despite the primary challengers against her, Rep. Liz Cheney said she still stands behind her vote to impeach Former President Donald Trump and will campaign against him “every day of the week.”

Primary challengers from her home state of Wyoming have condemned Cheney’s constant smears of the Former President – many are using her anti-Trump bent as their campaign focal points.

Donald Trump said that he will endorse Cheney’s challenger, given he or she is staunchly pro-MAGA and will further his America First agenda.

Earlier this year, House Republicans, with the backing of Minority Leader Rep. McCarthy, voted to remove Cheney from her conference chair. She narrowly survived the vote and was able to remain in place. However, the split vote highlighted the growing schism in the Republican party between America First caucus and the RINOs of party’s past.

Cheney showed her loyalty to Biden on Wednesday night when she was seen cajoling and fist-bumping with the president as he entered the House chamber to deliver an address. She was seen having what appeared to be a lengthy conversation with another anti-Trump RINO – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Despite the fist bump, Cheney blasted Biden over his speech.

“The policies he endorsed were not standard liberal ideas, but reflected the fact that the far-left is now in control of the Democratic Party and they are committed to forcing through their plans to empower the federal government at the expense of the American people.”


Author: Sebastian Hayworth