Leaked Video Confirms Democrats’ Worst Fears, Watch Now…

On a promotional tour touting his administration’s vaccine success, Biden was seen showing some very odd behavior.

The 78 year-old president was seen leaning in, inches away from someone’s face, urging them to practice social distancing guidelines. Biden seemed aware that he himself was not practicing said guidelines, but observers noted how “out of it” he seemed.

Watch the video for yourself:

After a handler whispered in Biden’s ear, he began to joke, “Keep wearing a mask, wash the hands and socially distance – which I’m not doing.”

Biden delivered his bizarre remarks in the State Dining Room after a hospital visit in Virginia.

He did his usual fear-mongering, reminding Americans of the death toll, and urging them to stay vigilant on CDC health guidelines as vaccine distribution gains momentum.

He predicted that the “vast majority of Americans” will have at least their first vaccine shot by the end of May.

Author: Carole Lamarr 









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