Left-Wing Domestic Terrorists Violently Take Over Hotel

Source: AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

Antifa members armed with knives and hatchets took over a hotel in Olympia, Washington, over the weekend.

“The Olympia Police Department (OPD) is in the process of clearing the Downtown Olympia Red Lion Hotel after it was forcibly occupied by a group identified as Oly Housing Now, a homeless activist group. Employees of the hotel have been safely escorted out of the occupied hotel after sheltering in the basement through the afternoon and part of the evening,” the City of Olympia released in a statement. “At about 11 a.m. today, people inside the Red Lion began calling 911 to report a group was attempting to forcibly take over the hotel. OPD received reports that the employees felt under threat from the group, and that an employee was allegedly assaulted.”

“Employees reported that some members of the activist group inside the hotel were armed with items such as hatchets, batons, knives and had gasmasks, helmets and goggles apparently in preparation for a confrontation. OPD estimated about 45 members of the group inside and outside of the hotel,” it continues. “At the time of the occupation, approximately 40 rooms in the hotel were booked with guests who were bystanders to the incident. Those guests sheltered in their rooms during the occupation, and OPD is providing a safe place for them as the hotel is cleared.”

The city is describing the group as “homeless activists,” but longtime Antifa reporter Andy Ngo is making the connection.

Author: Katie Pavlich

Source: Town Hall: Report: Armed Antifa Members Violently Took Over a Hotel

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