LGBT Community Shocks ‘Woke’ Liberals With Huge Trump Support

Prominent Democratic Party activists have, unironically, decried President Trump as the “worst president on LGBTQ issues ever” and claimed that “LGBT people are being attacked every single day by the Trump administration.” Yet early exit polls from Tuesday’s election appear to entirely undercut this alarmism.

According to national exit polls, Trump seems to have won an astounding 28% of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender peoples’ votes. To be clear, the unique circumstances of this election could mean this early figure is eventually adjusted significantly. But while only a rough and preliminary estimate, it is more than double the 13% of LGBT voters Trump won against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Of course, this won’t come as a massive surprise for most casual observers. After all, while Trump has implemented some controversial and arguably discriminatory policies, such as restrictions on transgender military service, he was also the first president who entered office supportive of gay marriage.

A former New York liberal, Trump was never an anti-gay culture warrior. Many, if not all, of the claims that the Trump administration’s policies are anti-gay were either fake news, misrepresented, or overblown.

Yet the Left’s narrative is absolutely shattered by this result. They had so thoroughly convinced themselves that Trump was an oppressive anti-gay bigot, but the very same voters they claim are victims have rejected this narrative.

Many liberal commentators have so far totally ignored the historic voting trend. The few who have addressed it have all but melted down in response.

Left-wing gay media outlets such as Out Magazine described the shift as “frightening to see,” while begrudgingly reported that “Trump won 28% of the LGBT vote in the exit polling so far despite his vile record.” Of course, these purportedly LGBT outlets showed basically zero interest in explaining or representing the views held by almost one-third of their peers.

More and more voters are realizing that their sexuality or gender identity does not have to define them. The true realization of LGBT acceptance comes when gay and transgender people get to be individuals who can have their own opinions without being called a traitor to their peers, like everyone else. While far from perfect, the GOP in recent years has made many strides toward treating gay and transgender people with equal dignity.

Once freed from the constraints of historic bigotry and animosity, there is no reason gay and transgender voters should lean to the left. We are just as capable of understanding basic economics and rejecting socialism’s tragic history of failure. We are just as capable of rejecting proposals to destroy the integrity of the judicial branch and “pack” the Supreme Court. We are just as capable of realizing the cruelty of many Democrats’ support for abortion-on-demand with little to no restrictions.

(And so on, the list continues.)

Trump is far from perfect, and one can imagine that a less controversial and less personally off-putting Republican with his same policies and views might have won over even more gay and transgender voters. But nonetheless, these exit polls strongly suggest that he may have broken the Democratic Party’s stranglehold over gay and transgender voters — and sent left-wing identity politics into a death spiral.

That will be a legacy worth celebrating, no matter the final result.

Author: Brad Polumbo

Source: Washington Examiner: Gay and transgender vote for Trump doubles in rejection of identity politics

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