Liberal Media Caught In Hilarious Move To ‘Fake’ Biden Rally Attendance

By Cristina Laila September 17th, 2020 | Image Source: The Gateway Pundit

** This post was updated to reflect Trump’s inroads with Hispanic voters and to correctly reflect CBS News story on Hispanic voters.

Trump continues to chip into theHispanic vote leaving Democrats panicked.

Biden’s Latino event in Kissimmee, Florida yesterday was a total disaster.

Biden was nearly 2 hours late to the event.

This is the scene from Biden’s Latino event yesterday:

Then this happened…

After being introduced by Puerto Rican-American singer Luis Fonsi, Joe Biden pulled out his phone and started playing Despacito ahead of his remarks kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Despacito” means “slowly” — perfect for Slow Joe!


CBS News had to use a photo from a Trump rally because virtually NO ONE was at Joe Biden’s Latino event!

Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Trump’s Cut into the Hispanic Vote Leaves Democrats Panicked

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