Liberal Media Runs Cover For Biden In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

Neither NBC or sports reporter Kelli Stavast has remarks on Stavast’s fake claim that a NASCAR audience was chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” when they were obviously saying, “F*ck Joe Biden.”

NBC Sports journalists Stavast’s fake news about the chant came as she did an interview at Talladega Superspeedway with the winner of the Xfinity Series race, Brandon Brown. During the interview, she got interrupted when the energetic crowd spontaneously went into a now-familiar anti-Joe Biden chant.

Instead of just ignoring this chant, Stavast lied and mischaracterized the catch-phrase and insisted that the people in the audience were saying, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” when it was clearly not those words being shouted.

“Brandon, you also told me,” Stavast said before getting interrupted by the crowd. “As we can hear the chants from the audience…” she added, before saying the crowd was chanting, “‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’”


Stavast’s false claim about what the audience was chanting shows that she was trying to sanitize the chant and to cover for President Biden.

NASCAR also jumped in to do damage control on behalf of the Democrat President by removing the interview after publishing it to social media websites, according to Fox News.

As of now, though, NBC has given no statement to explain why Stavast tried to re-write reality and attempted to give a false news report while being live on the air. The reporter has also avoided remarks on her fake news.

This is an obvious sign of the internal nature of almost all media in America these days. Liberalism has taken over everything. Here being shown in the sports media. This is due to many reasons.

One being the centralized nature of media companies, with mergers and acquisitions in the industry. Another is the widespread fear of angering the powers that be. This was the case even in Trump’s time.

The liberal ownership of the media must be challenged in every way possible if conservatives are ever going to get anywhere substantial. Otherwise all we will have are anti-Biden chants that don’t do anything for us long-term, and simply get brushed aside by the elites.

Author: Blake Ambrose