Liberals Eat Crow As Rittenhouse Trial Destroys Racist Narrative

Try as they might, liberals will do anything they can to fuel race riots across the country.

Any instance of a white man using a gun, regardless if its to defend himself, will be immediately deemed as a hate crime without any evidence to support hose claims.

The shooting involving Kyle Rittenhouse is the latest example.

On Monday, paramedic Gaige Grosskreutz, a key witness in the Kenosha shooting last summer, testified that completely destroyed the prosecutions’ case, completely destroying the narrative that Rittenhouse’s intention was to gun down innocent black men.

Rittenhouse is the subject of an ongoing trial regarding the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum; Anthony Huber, 26; and the wounding of Grosskreutz during the Kenosha riots of August 2020.

Rittenhouse has pleaded not guilty to seven charges, including first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree reckless homicide, and first-degree attempted intentional homicide – the last referring to his confrontation with Grosskreutz.

A video circulated after August 25, 2020 – the day of the incident – showed Grosskreutz seemingly rushing towards Rittenhouse. Grosskreutz, also armed, was then shot in the right hip by the teenager.

Grosskreutz testifies that he saw Rittenhouse rerack his weapon for gunfire and acted accordingly, going for his gun.

However, in a cross-examination, Rittenhouse’s defense attorney Corey Chirafisi pointed out that Rittenhouse fired when Grosskreutz aimed his gun at him.

“It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced at him with your gun … that he fired,” Chirafisi said.

“Right,” Grosskreutz responded.

Seemingly implicating himself, the prosecution asked Grosskreutz to clarify his statement.

“At any point during that encounter did you intentionally point your firearm at the defendant?” prosecutor Thomas Binger asked.

“No, I did not,” he responded.

Grosskreutz later acknowledged he incorrectly told police last year that his firearm had fallen out of his pants, and that he did not have a weapon when confronting Rittenhouse.

He also admitted the gun he pointed at Rittenhouse was in fact not legal.

Wah, Wah. Liberals lose control of the ‘white man bad’ narrative yet again.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth