Liberals Enraged As DeSantis Rewards Police Officers

On the run-up to National Police Week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is issuing bonuses for law enforcement and first responders as Democrat-led cities across the nation push forward with defunding the police.
“They want to defund the police, we are funding them,” said DeSantis at a Wednesday press conference announcing his new first responder benefit.

“It is important to recognize the sacrifice and service” of our first responders, said DeSantis before unveiling the $1,000 bonuses for every officer, firefighter, EMT and paramedic in Florida.

DeSantis also thanked the first responders for their pandemic work who “did not have the luxury” of working from home.

“They were working out there every day—our police officers, our fire fighters and our EMTs—and they worked harder than ever, to protect us from the pandemic but also given how police were treated in many parts of the nation, which was a total disgrace.”

Previously this year, DeSantis signed into law an anti-rioting measure that was called “the strongest anti-rioting and pro-law enforcement law in the nation” that included “a strong measure that said we will not allow local officials to defund law enforcement.”

Author: Scott Dowdy