Liberals Exploit Natural Disaster To Push Climate Change Hoax

Nothing is off limits for liberals.

There isn’t an event they won’t exploit to push their radical left political messaging, even if it means Americans will die in the process.

Such was the case over the weekend as devastating tornadoes swept through the southern Midwestern states, Kentucky in particular.

On CBS’s Face the Nation, CBS News meteorologist and climate change specialist Jeff Berardelli blamed climate change for the recent tornadoes that devastated Kentucky. This follows the pattern with much of the media: Any time there is a destructive storm, climate change is blamed. And, as was the case with Berardelli, while several theories could explain these storms, only climate change was given significant media coverage.

Berardelli started his segment claiming these tornadoes were “extraordinarily rare for December” and added that December is usually a quiet month regarding tornadoes.

Berardelli then mentioned another scientific theory for the storms, La Niña: “I think the bigger factor is La Niña, and I’ll tell you why.” But after spending just 12 seconds explaining why La Niña is the “overriding factor,” he pivoted, once again, back to climate change.

Then, Berardelli stated there is no pattern in tornadoes due to climate change, only to shift back again to how climate change is the culprit.

“There is no trend in tornado numbers due to climate change,” Berardelli admitted.

Despite the numerous possibilities contributing to the rise in December tornadoes, he always resorted back to climate change. Berardelli pulled the wool over the country’s eyes regarding climate change in this brief segment.

It is important to state that all of this may very well be true. Climate change could ultimately be responsible for these types of storms. However, other theories could explain them as well. Why aren’t they considerably discussed or elaborated on?

Unfortunately, other theories never get any media attention because they do not align with the climate change narrative. Instead, for a generation that emphasizes the benefits of diversity, only the viewpoint of climate change hysteria is offered as an explanation.

This dangerous indoctrination is analogous to what occurred in Russia and Eastern European countries during the height of the Soviet Union. Americans deserve to know the entire truth when it comes to these storms, not just the theories left-wing elitists want to advance.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney